Pottery Classes

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About This Class

This course will teach you how to throw a pot on the wheel from pulling your clay out of the bag to removing your pot from the wheel.

This pottery wheel course is for first time beginners new to throwing on the pottery wheel or for intermediate students who want to brush up their skills or troubleshoot their skills for quicker success.

Studio Classes

Sylwia’s classes have been described as ‘perfection verging on professional insanity’. Here you have an open-ended opportunity to grow as a potter, with greater flexibility and as much technical support and encouragement as you want or need. It’s not a membership scheme, the classes have fixed times, but you’re free to book whichever classes you want, subject to availability.

There are all sorts of opportunities for you to develop your practice as a potter with us, whatever level you feel you’re at. If you’ve got some prior experience of pottery, once you’ve shaken hands with the clay on a beginner’s course, for example, you’re welcome to enrol for our studio classes. You’ll be able to devise your own projects and pursue your own learning goals. We’ll create the space and provide all the materials, facilities and support that you will need to see your ideas through from start to finish. They are group sessions where each participant works on their own pots at their own pace. Sometimes one pot takes shape over several sessions or numerous get completed all in one go – it depends on what you’ve got in mind. There are size limitations on materials and kiln-space but within that there is plenty of leeway for your creativity. 

Studio classes are available to buy in blocks of six. You can opt for wheelthrowing or handbuilding or half an half. Booking is flexible. Each week places are allocated in each session on a first come first served basis. You don’t have to commit to a particular night of the week regularly, you’re free to adapt to your changing diary requirements.

The cost of a block of six Studio Classes is £180 for handbuilding, £220 for wheelthrowing and £200 for half & half.   .