Spott Dunbar Path Update

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Following conclusion of the feasibility study, design concept phase and public consultation, the Trustees of Spott Community Association has decided not to proceed with the proposed path.

Athough technically possible, a Sustrans compliant path was neither affordable nor desirable, due in part to local resident and landowner resistance, the £2,000,000 plus price tag, and environmental concern over the significant amount of earthworks and tarmac involved. 

However, other Dunbar based community groups are discussing taking over the Eweford Underpass improvements and implementing the Quiet Road scheme.

Excitingly. Spott Community Association have chosen to pursue a low impact alternative that involves reinstating the existing footpath network to the North of Spott, linking Core Footpaths 38, 39 & 40 around Wester Broomhouse and Pleasance Farm.

Funding has been applied for to build a walkway and bridge across Spott Glen and to establish a new path up the bank to Wester Broomhouse. We expect to be announcing that this has been awarded in the coming weeks along with regular updates on progress.